Anno Tower
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Anno Tower

Date Started

January 9, 2011

Date Completed

March 14, 2012


Multi-Use Skyscraper



Anno Tower is a 45-story high skyscraper located in Robert I Park in Koch City. It's construction began on January 9, 2011, and was completed on March 14, 2012. Named after the designer's grandfather, Anno Tower is the tallest structure in Baenal, and is the home of Prince Cedric, after he decided to leave the Griffith Palace.

Anno Tower

Anno Tower

Located directly next to the palace, Anno Tower houses nearly two-hundred civilians, and houses nearly fifteen different major Baenalian companies. Constructed by Milboria Construction, the tower was built mainly of steel and glass. There is a solid concrete foundation and core. The center of the Anno was built of a primitive concrete mixture, and used to hold up each individual floor, with stabilizing rods in between the floors. It features a skylobby on the twenty-second floor, where civilians will have to change elevators to go all the way to the top floor observation deck.

Prince Cedric SuitesEdit

The Prince Cedric Suites are the top five floors of the Anno Tower. They are penthouse suites. Owned by the Prince himself, they are leased to certain individuals. They cost around B$2,500,000, a bargain in the recent economy.


Floor Owner Type
7th FOR SALE Apartment
9th FOR SALE Apartment
10th FOR SALE Apartment
11th FOR SALE Apartment
13th FOR SALE Apartment
14th FOR SALE Apartment
15th FOR SALE Apartment
16th FOR SALE Apartment
21st FOR SALE Apartment
23rd FOR SALE Apartment
24th FOR SALE Apartment
25th FOR SALE Apartment
26th FOR SALE Apartment
27th FOR SALE Apartment
29th FOR SALE Apartment
30th FOR SALE Apartment
31st FOR SALE Apartment
32nd FOR SALE Apartment
33rd Arnold Higgenbottom Apartment
41st Prince Cedric Suites Penthouse
42nd Prince Cedric Suites Penthouse
43rd Prince Cedric Suites Penthouse
44th Prince Cedric Suites Penthouse
45th Prince Cedric Penthouse


Floor Owner Type
1st Reception Lobby
2nd FOR SALE Office
3rd FOR SALE Office
4th FOR SALE Office
5th FOR SALE Office
8th FOR SALE Office
17th FOR SALE Office
18th FOR SALE Office
19th FOR SALE Office
20th Reception Skylobby
34th FOR SALE Office
35th FOR SALE Office
36th FOR SALE Office
37th FOR SALE Office
38th FOR SALE Office
39th FOR SALE Office
40th FOR SALE Office

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