Baenal Flag

"Respect. Honor. Courage."



Full name

Baenal Islands


Koch City

Official language(s)




12347. 9 km (7672. 629345 miles)


451, 783


58. 8² miles





King Robert I

Prime Minister

Vera Sarah Slate

More information


Baenalian Dollar (U.S. Dollar also legal tender.

Time zone


Internet TLD


ISO 3166-1



"Respect. Honor. Courage."

Baenal, officially the Baenal Islands, is a chain of islands off the coast of Lovia. It is located in the Northern Pacific Ocean. Discovered in the early 1700's. Baenal wasn't officially a country until 1984, when King Robert I of Baenal took reign along with Prime Minister Vera Sarah Slate. It is a sovereign, parliamentary monarchy nation, and is a very advanced and modern country. Ranked up with Lovia in the list of the world's most developed countries. It's capital and most populous city is Koch City.

The first settlers, led by Treven Milboria, arrived in 1704. The nation slowly evolved into a country, but wasn't accepted until 1984, under the reign of King Robert I. Over the years, five states have been established, Oceanalia, Edmonton, Sasha, Byrds Islands, and Trinity. Starting in the early months of 2000, Baenal has had a democratic Congress. It has been reformed into the nation's most powerful institute from 2002. The original and current monarch, King Robert I, has initiated many of the reforms, and has led the nation to ongoing political and economic success.

Baenal has around 451, 000 inhabitants, most of Lovian and American origin. The nation is very urbanized, most of the citizens live in or around the most populous cities, Koch City, Milboria, Sasha City, Queens, Joshua, and Dairy Hill.

The country ranks among the most developed countries, and, as like Lovia, has a small but ighly technological economy. It is known as a fast-paced progressive nation, receives high education rates, and a low religiosity rate in urban areas and many investments in ecological industries. The nation's only economic parters are the United States, Lovia, Libertas, and Canada. Though Baenal has promoted an isolatinist policy for many years.

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