Claytown is a neighborhood in Koch City. The neighborhood is dedicated solely to the purpose of excavating the massive amounts of clay from underneath the neighborhood itself. Established in 1982, Claytown is one of the city's most successful neighborhoods, and is home to nearly three-thousand people.

Claton RichardsonEdit

Claton Richardson, a journalist from the 1970's, discovered some clay in his backyard when he was digging a grave for his pet dog. He noticed that the clay could be turned into nearly anything, except for metals and minerals, and quickly took action. He put an ad in a newspaper stating that if anyone could bring him twenty pounds of the clay, he would take it to the Mayor, and demand an excavation project begin immediately.

Claton's ad was seen by a woman named Betsy Patts, who lived a few houses down from Richardson, and began to dig up her yard. Eventually, she had dug up fifty pounds of clay, and took it to Claton in a wheelbarrow. Richardson and Patts took the clay to the Mayor, Templesmith Errington, (1982-1991), and Errington decided that there would be an excavation project begin in that part of the city immediately.

The Excavation of 1981Edit

Templesmith Errington, Claton Richardson, Betsy Patts, and her husband John attended the opening ceremony of the Excavation on August 4, 1981. Held at the Denver Hotel, now the Claytown Garden Hotel, nearly five-hundred people sold their homes and businesses in order to be part of the operation. And so, the four individuals cut the ribbon together, and the buildings were demolished, all except for the hotel, which would serve as a headquarters. Twenty-hundred men, women, and even children began to dig up the clay.

In late November, Claton Richardson died after a wrecking ball collided with his truck, halting the excavation. Errington decalred that the area where the buildings had been demolished would be designated as a new neighborhood, Claytown. A statue in the center of the neighborhood of Claton Richardson, made entirely of bronze, forever watches the operation.

The excavation project continues on in Claytown, and buildings have been rebuilt.

Simplified MapEdit

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