Vemoria was once one of the busiest cities in Edmonton. It was established before Baenal became a nation on April 30th, 1929. Built almost entirely of stone, Vemoria sits on top Blackbush Hill. It was also once a prominent tourist attraction. The so-called 'false city' was a candidate to become the nation's capital in 1984, but for unknown reasons, the people of Vemoria began to leave the city. A weed had begun sprouting through the stone, and the citizens had tried nearly everything to get rid of it. But the plant continued to overpower Vemoria. Eventually, all the citizens left, and Vemoria was abandoned. Now, not one person resides there, and the plant, once a tiny weed, has grown along the sides of the stone city. It has even brought some strucutres down completely. The outer wall of Vemoria is entirely green, the plant engulfing it. Scientists predict that unless they can find a way to stop the plant and preserve the city, all of Vemoria will collapse in just a few years.

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